City Tour


Forget boring city tours in buses or taxi's ... in a tuktuk, your clients instantly connect to the their environment. An e-tuk will not only give them the best possible experience of your city or event, it’ll also get you up to six clients per ride. 


The mobile vending business is getting pretty crowded. Street food and foodtrucks pop up everywhere. So how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you get them to wait in line for your deliciousness? Simple: show ‘em you’ve got both taste and style. With an e-tuk Vendo.


What if all the vehicles on your resort, bungalowpark or convention centre put the same smile on the face of your guests. Whether it’s your transportation, maintenance, housekeeping or the ice cream stand by the pool … our e-Tuk family instantly makes hospitality more fun and friendly.


They’re low maintenance. High quality. Multi-purpose. From community service to last-mile delivery. They’re electric and quiet, so they don’t pollute the streets of your town with dirty emissions and dumb noise. E-Tuks brighten up your community.

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